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With our WebApps, we like to open up an innovative access path to the data and analyses of MAGIC.

Insecticide Classification Calculator (ICC) icon Insecticide Classification Calculator (ICC)

The insecticide classification calculator (ICC) is an online tool for the classification of water-phase and sediment field concentrations of 24 insecticide compounds based on global surface exposure data.

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Insecticide Classification Calculator U.S. (ICC-US) icon Insecticide Classification Calculator U.S. (ICC-US)

The ICC-US is an online tool for classifying U.S. surface water concentrations of 32 insecticides and their degradates based on exposure data published in the peer-reviewed literature (1962 – 2017).

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Supplementary WFD visualizations (S-WFD-V) icon Supplementary WFD visualizations (S-WFD-V)

The S-WFD-V is a collection of supplementary data visualizations based on Water Framework Directive monitoring data (2001 – 2015) for 352 organic contaminants.

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Total Applied Toxicity (TAT) icon Total Applied Toxicity (TAT)

Here you find information related to a paper on the total applied toxicity of pesticides used in U.S. agriculture between 1992 and 2016, which appeared in Science (2021).

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Presentation Materials for 40th North-American SETAC conference in Toronto 2019 icon Presentation Materials for 40th North-American SETAC conference in Toronto 2019

The page contains all presentation materials from participants of the MAGIC working group that were presented at the 40th North-American SETAC conference in Toronto 2019.

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Non-agricultural U.S. pesticide exposures icon Non-agricultural U.S. pesticide exposures

Supplementary data for the manuscript "Aquatic pesticide exposure in the U.S. as a result of non-agricultural uses" submitted to Environment International by Sebastian Stehle, Abigail Bline, Sascha Bub, Lara L. Petschick, Jakob Wolfram, and Ralf Schulz can be found below.

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Insecticide Risk Drivers U.S. (IRD-US) icon Insecticide Risk Drivers U.S. (IRD-US)

The IRD-US is an online tool detailing the effect of various spatio-temporal factors (risk drivers) that affect insecticide risks in U.S. surface waters, which were deduced via comprehensive literature synthesis.

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Spatial Insecticide Risk in the U.S. icon Spatial Insecticide Risk in the U.S.

Mapping service accompanying the publication “Insecticide Risk in US Surface Waters: Drivers and Spatiotemporal Modeling”.

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PNAS (2015) icon PNAS (2015)

Database for PNAS article: Sebastian Stehle and Ralf Schulz (2015) Agricultural Insecticides Threaten Surface Waters at the Global Scale (PNAS Early Edition)

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