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Insecticide Classification Calculator (ICC)

The insecticide classification calculator (ICC) is an online tool for the classification of water-phase and sediment field concentrations of 24 insecticide compounds based on global surface exposure data.

The global exposure dataset was derived by a comprehensive literature research on measured insecticide concentrations (MICs) resulting from agricultural insecticide use and contains in total 11,300 MICs (8,166 water-phase concentrations and 3,134 sediment concentrations) from 838 scientific articles published between 1962 and 2012. The concentrations were measured between 1960 and 2011 in more than 2,500 surface water sites in 73 countries worldwide.
Additional water-phase or sediment insecticide concentrations can be entered into the input mask of the ICC and the entered concentration will then be classified using all MICs of that compound available in the global insecticide dataset by calculating the percentile of this particular concentration. The additional MIC will also be highlighted graphically in the cumulative frequency distribution curve of this particular compound. The dashed lines in the figures denote the regulatory threshold level for water (RTLSW) or sediment (RTLSED).
Please note that the ICC is not available for acrinathrin, β-cyfluthrin, tefluthrin, and tralomethrin as less than three water-phase and sediment concentrations are available in the dataset.

The ICC was published in the article: Stehle S, Bub S, Schulz R (2018) Compilation and analysis of global surface water concentrations for individual insecticide compounds. Science of the Total Environment 639:516-525.

The global insecticide exposure dataset was published in the article: Stehle S, Schulz R (2015) Agricultural insecticides threaten surface waters at the global scale. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112: 5750- 5755.