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MAGIC members

MAGIC consists of a small group of motivated scientists. Learn more about them and their individual work.

Ralf Schulz icon Ralf Schulz

With his expertise in ecotoxicology, ecosystem management and conservation genetics, Ralf Schulz is a long-time member of MAGIC.

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Sebastian Stehle icon Sebastian Stehle

Interested in aquatic ecotoxicology, pesticide expousre and risk assessment, pesticide risk mitigation, global agriculture assessments and meta-analyses, Sebastian Stehle is a long-term member of MAGIC.

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Sascha Bub icon Sascha Bub

Sascha Bub is a long-time member of MAGIC.

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Jakob Wolfram icon Jakob Wolfram

Jakob Wolfram is a member of MAGIC.

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Lara L. Petschick icon Lara L. Petschick

Lara L. Petschick is a member of MAGIC.

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