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MAGIC - Meta-Analysis of the Global Impact of Chemicals

The MAGIC Knowledge Base provides access to data, results and methods of MAGIC, a scientific project to analyse the global impact of chemicals.

Meta: About us icon Meta: About us

Currently, we put our main emphasis on the presence and effects of pesticides in surface waters, known as ecosystems experiencing the largest biodiversity threats.

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Analysis: Apps and data icon Analysis: Apps and data

MAGIC employs up-to-date methods to analyze, visualize and interpret data. We provide different web apps to share our results with the public.

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Global: Spatial scope icon Global: Spatial scope

We have a focus at the global or continental scale, yet also cover the national or local scale.

Impact: Temporal scope icon Impact: Temporal scope

The development of new chemicals increases at a speed even exceeding many other drivers of global environmental change.

Chemicals icon Chemicals

MAGIC is concerned with the documentation of chemicals in the environment and their potential effects on ecosystems.

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